About CA

Our Mission and Goals

“To equip our children to be ‘global - leaders’ of the 21 century.”
Our goal of providing modern technology based education combined with the traditional value system bound by our strong pursuit and commitment of quality provides a strong foundation on which we build our teaching - learning process. The School aims to impart holistic education to ensure all round development of our children.

We believe :-
Children are active learners and not passive absorbers of information. Teachers are facilitators, guides and not mere sources of information. Parents are goal setters and resources, not outsiders and uninvolved. School learning is challenging, enjoyable and rewarding - and not a task to be endured. Each child is unique and therefore we need to create environment to nurture each child. For education spiritual aspects are important. (SQ i.e. Spiritual Quotient is as important as IQ and SQ i.e. Social Quotient.) Also values, ethics and character are as important if not more than academics

To help our children to :-
1. Possess skills to acquire, process and comprehend knowledge on their own. Be technically competent and keep pace with the changing world.
2. Develop logical reasoning. Be self assured, confident and expressive – both verbally and in writing, and be capable of independent and creative thought and action.
3. Rekindle pride in our rich heritage and culture.
4. Acquire values, build character and become a socially responsible person.
5. Be a citizen of the world and respect the various cultures and religions.
The following words of Mr. John Holt best describe our objectives
for the younger children :-

“We want Children to grow not just in size but also in curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, resourcefulness, resilience, patience, competence and understanding.”

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CANews & Happenings

PTA Meeting was held on 13-04-2015. The meeting was attended by 15 members of the PTA. The following office bearers were elected.
President- Dr. P. Jamjute
Secretary- Mrs. S. Bhandari

Alumni Meet