Co-Curricular Activities

School Orchestra:
The School provides training to the students on various musical instruments. The school band is well trained and versatile on various musical instruments. It has performed on the republic day as well.

At regular interval of time to check the understanding and knowledge of the student quiz competitions are conducted the school by the students and teacher. It is the basic requirement in today’s competitive world so that children can face the competition ahead.

Indian vocal music plays an important role in our culture and society. So to keep the sprite alive in the hearts of the students we have vocal music training for the students by trained teacher.

Inter House:
The school has four houses

  • Chanakya House
  • Gandhi House
  • Tagore House
  • Vivekanand House

Each house has under the charge of House mistress and its own prefects are responsible for the tone discipline in that house.

Club Activities
The School has different club for the students like

  • Robotics Club
  • Science Club
  • Grooming Club
  • Maths Club
  • Dramatics
  • Environmental Club
  • UC MAS Club
  • Yoga Club
  • Karate Club
  • Dance Club
  • Art & Craft Club
  • Music Club

So that the students can choos club of their interest and improve on the interest subjects


Dance is the best stress releaser. So to keep them in touch with both classical and western dance. The students are trained by the experts in the field.

Cultural Activities:
The school has different cultural activities organized at regular intervals of time. Like Science exhibition, annual function, cross-country enhances there overall growth.

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CANews & Happenings

PTA Meeting was held on 13-04-2015. The meeting was attended by 15 members of the PTA. The following office bearers were elected.
President- Dr. P. Jamjute
Secretary- Mrs. S. Bhandari

Alumni Meet